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about cbd


why cbd?

From firsthand experience to emergent research in the medical field, CBD has proven to be a safe, natural, and truly effective remedy for ailments of the body. Understanding how CBD affects the brain and body will not only better your understanding of your experience, but will help you educate others.


what is cbd?


Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most prominent cannabinoids amongst the 100+ found in cannabis. Working in synergy, these cannabinoids provide relief to an array of symptoms including pain, nausea, and inflammation.

CBD supports the positive effects of our body's endocannabinoids, which are a type of chemical messenger that our bodies make naturally. These endocannabinoids are active in maintaining internal stability and health by regulating and balancing our body systems.

When there is a deficit in the endocannabinoid system, physiological symptoms and complications can occur. CBD is able to supplement the endocannabinoid system and mitigate these ill effects, all without the “stoned” feeling typically associated with THC.



What was once an underground market defined by stigma is now a transforming industry filled with elevated boutique experiences and an increasing awareness of the medicinal applications of cannabis.

During the prohibition decades, breeders focused on maximizing THC in their plants; this trend all but eviscerated CBD-dominant strains from the market. We’re now seeing a reversal and a rise in demand for high-CBD cultivars like Harle-Tsu, Cannatonic, and AC/DC, to name a few. Across Oregon, producers are growing high-CBD cultivars for their flower and for use in making concentrates, extracts, and edibles.




What is a Cultivar?

A cultivar is a plant or grouping of plants selected for desirable characteristics that can be maintained by propagation. At East Fork Cultivars, we specifically breed and select cannabis cultivars with a focus on cannabidiol (CBD). A guiding value of ours is to reintroduce CBD-rich and CBD-dominant cannabis to consumers by breeding, selecting, and curating cultivars that express these properties.



Why Should I Trust Cannabis Grown By East Fork?

We are a Clean Green Certified farm. What does that mean? Since cannabis remains federally illegal, the federal government will not allow companies to receive organic certification. Fortunately, the folks at Clean Green have stepped in and created their own certification program. They assure consumers that we use organic products and organic, sustainable practices.

We start with a solid foundation of strong genetics and carefully-selected phenotypes and raise the plants to maturity, carefully and selectively. Each plant undergoes rigorous inspections throughout its life, from sow through harvest. Once harvested, the flower and plant material is finished with multiple points of quality-control before being packaged for delivery at one of our dispensary partners. Only the best flower, concentrates, and edibles reach your hands.



Which Cultivars Are Currently Available and Where Can I Purchase Them?

You can find our flower varieties and products at the dispensaries listed HERE.

You can see our current partners HERE.

Don’t see your favorite dispensary listed? Ask them to carry East Fork Cultivars! While we do our best to keep the most popular and effective cultivars available consistently, we are always developing new genetics. Our current library exceeds 40 cultivars and we continually seek out new varieties to offer our clients. We also offer education and assistance in finding the cultivars that will work best for you.



Can I Buy Directly From East Fork Cultivars?

If you are a licensed OLCC retailer, processor or wholesaler, you may purchase East Fork Cultivars for your customers. If you are an individual consumer, you can find our product HERE. If you are licensed through the OLCC and are interested in carrying our cultivars, please CONTACT US at




Safety and potency are important to be aware of in any product you consume. Test results ensure that your products are devoid of dangerous pesticides, molds, and fungus. Cannabinoid potency is important so you know how to dose your intake and can choose the cultivar that will offer you the effects you desire. THC and CBD are two major medicinal components in cannabis, and should be clearly and accurately labeled. Generally speaking, THC provides therapeutic benefit with a euphoric effect, while CBD provides a non-intoxicating therapeutic experience. One combination of THC and CBD may be suitable to help people with severe chronic pain, while another may be more effective for patients suffering from epilepsy. Having analytical information from a respectable lab ensures proper cannabis selection and dosing.




The team at East Fork Cultivars made the conscious choice to use the scientific term for cannabis instead of Marijuana as a way to stand apart from its racist and negative history and take progressive steps towards legitimizing the healing plant. It is our hope that Oregon and other states will follow suit.

Learn more about the history of the term ‘Marijuana’ and its role in propaganda used to stigmatize the perception of cannabis as a remedy for common ailments.




The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has detailed information about cannabis rules here:

In Oregon, people age 21 and older can have up to one ounce of cannabis on their person at any given time. They can have eight ounces total at home, up to 1 pound of solid edibles, 72 ounces of cannabis-infused liquid, and 1 ounce of cannabis extract. Oregon residents can also grow up to four plants at a private residence.