East Fork founders Nathan and Aaron Howard started out with one goal in mind: grow a superior plant-based CBD medicine to help relieve their oldest brother Wesley from his range of medical conditions. CBD is gentle to the body but a powerful wellness optimizer, and witnessing the positive effects of CBD-rich cultivars drove our desire to provide all Oregonians the same access to CBD and cannabis therapeutics. In turn, we became stewards of the East Fork Ranch, a picturesque place nestled between the East Fork of the Illinois River and California’s Siskiyou Mountains.

Operating in Oregon’s adult-use cannabis market has allowed us to breed cultivars rich in both CBD and THC, and with craft hemp we’ve expanded that mission beyond Oregon’s state boundaries. Hemp cultivation allows us to offer these products nationwide, furthering our mission of increasing access for all to superior plant therapeutics.


We now have the legal ability to port some of those same genetics over to craft hemp production under the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Hemp Pilot Program. Cultivating under the ODA Hemp Pilot Program furthers our mission by allowing us to grow some of the same terpene-rich, CBD-dominant, low-THC varieties at a lower cost, and offer it to folks in Oregon and beyond.

Cultivating craft hemp has also allowed us to receive USDA Organic certification, furthering our values as a flagship for sustainability in this emerging space. It also opens up new research and development opportunities for CBD-rich cannabis, as the ODA Hemp Pilot Program provides us access to resources that regular agricultural businesses have, but which we don’t yet have access to with adult-use cannabis.

East Fork Cultivars remains passionate in the pursuit of creating not only the highest-quality, CBD-rich hemp and cannabis possible, but also in bringing education and transparency to the cannabis industry in the State of Oregon and beyond. If you’re an organization or dispensary that has interest in learning more about the evolving hemp market, cannabis science or CBD in general, head to our CBD Certified section to learn more.

Are you a store interested in our USDA Certified Organic hemp and products? Give us a shout. We'd be happy to set up a time to discuss our product offerings, services, test results, and information regarding our growing process.

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