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Develop and preserve sustainable sungrown farming methods to produce the highest quality organic CBD cannabis with a resolute commitment to environmental and social responsibility.



At East Fork farms, we are more than growers; we are cultivators. We look beyond our plants and work to create a brand that expounds on ideas and cultivates an educated community. 

We are devoted to the development and preservation of sungrown cannabis and believe that sustainable farming methods produce superior holistic medicine. Our desire to provide Oregonians with a superior plant based medicine drives our selection of cultivars, or cannabis strains, that are high in CBD. 

It’s our belief that CDB cultivars have the power to heal and bring relief to those in need. Rooted in a commitment to environmental and social responsibility we take great pride in the processes and practices implemented on our farm.

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Starting out, we (Nathan and Aaron Howard) had one goal in mind: grow a superior plant medicine to help relieve our oldest brother and his range of medical conditions. It was witnessing the positive effects of high-CBD cultivars that drove our desire to expand, so we could provide all Oregonians with the same superior medicine—and in turn to purchase East Fork Ranch.

Our commitment to both community and high-CBD cultivars has given us a sense of place and pride.  



The small town of Takilma is located in Southern Oregon, between the pristine waters of the East Fork of the Illinois River and the Siskiyou Wilderness—the heart of the world’s best outdoor cannabis growth environment. 

Here, on a small family farm, is where all our cannabis is organically grown. As an OLCC-licensed and Clean Green Certified farm we create a balanced and healthy ecosystem by caring for the soil, the water, the air, and we introduce plant partners for optimal symbiosis. 

We strive to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live and grow, the people in our community, and the people who rely on our products.



A term typically associated with the wine industry, terroir refers to the place-based environmental factors—such as soil, water and climate—that combine to give distinct characteristics.

It’s terroir that enables identical cannabis cultivars to be grown in different regions and produce unique smells, tastes, and effects. The native soil of Oregon’s Illinois Valley, coupled with our sustainable farming practices and meticulous drying and curing methods, gives our cultivars their special and unparalleled qualities.



When choosing a cannabis cultivar, there are two traits that are most commonly compared: taste and smell. Where these traits come from is both simple and complex. The smell, taste, and—to some degree—the effect, are tied to Terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the oils of the flower, originating in the same glands as the cannabinoids (including CBD and THC).

Terpenes can influence the neurotransmitters in the brain; for example, they can affect dopamine and serotonin production and destruction. This insight gives us an idea of why different strains not only smell and taste different but also have different physiological effects on our mood or high sensation. There are over 100 known terpenes found in cannabis, and each plant/cultivar has a unique terpene composition.