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We've partnered with Luminous Botanicals in helping to create their renowned Cannabis Cure-All, the first and only cannabis medicine designed to be eaten, rubbed into sore muscles and aching joints, and applied by both men and women to enhance sensual pleasure.

Our CBD-dominant cultivars inform the Earth blend: a potent CBD blend with minimal THC content. Earth blend is for soothing common maladies of the body and mind.

Our plant material also helps to create the Meadow blend: Equal amounts of THC and CBD. Adding CBD to the mix makes the Meadow blend less psychoactive, allowing patients to experience the benefits of THC while feeling less altered and more in control. CBD also reduces anxiety, making Meadow a good blend for people who find that THC alone leaves them feeling agitated.



Teaming up with Leif Goods, we've created the Double Chocolate CBD Bar.

With 68% organic dark chocolate and sweet cacao nibs, this delicious treat is crafted with full cannabis extract oil from our clean green certified cannabis.

The decadent bar is a twist on the typical Mexican chocolate, featuring the flavors of the high plains of New Mexico with a semi-spicy kick. Perfect for awakening your tastebuds, making a very special hot chocolate drink, or a surprising s’more.

These chocolate bars are crafted from high quality cacao, fair trade cocoa butter, are soy-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, and are non-GMO.


CBD Caramel

In collaboration with Periodic Edibles, we've helped to create a fantastic line of CBD Chai Caramels.

Made from our organically grown CBD dominant flower, which is then turned into an infused butter, these caramels are strain specific and 100% solventless.


Llama Kush Distillate Cartridge in gold

Llama Kush, our high-CBD cultivar, is now available in cartridge form as a Craft Reserve distillate offered exclusively at all Serra locations. 

Created by the great team at O.penVAPE, this exquisite Llama Kush distillate is carried in the all-gold battery and cartridges.

Llama Kush is a tribute to the East Fork Ranch and to the many lovely lady llamas that have been a staple of the Ranch for decades. This cultivar also pays homage to our farm's unique terroir in Southern Oregon's Illinois River Valley, where the strain was born and organically cultivated.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.43.21 PM.png

We work with The CBD Apothecary to make delicious and powerful CBD tinctures, capsules, cartridges, and other CBD dominant products.

The CBD Apothecary prides itself on providing the Northwest's best source of highly medicinal and minimally psychoactive products.


Modern Medicinals

We've partnered with Modern Medicinals to create their distinguished CBD Oil.

The oil is made using our organically grown and hand-trimmed cannabis flower, with less than 1% THC, and rich with Cannabidiol and Terpenes. The proprietary production process is solvent free and uses only pure organic ingredients.

Modern Medicinals CBD Oil has no documented side effects and no psychoactive effects (won't get you high) or physical impairment. Topically, it relieves discomfort where it is applied. Orally, place and hold under the tongue (sublingual) for 30 to 60 seconds.


Oregon Candy Farm

Made from one of our favorite cultivars, Ringo's Gift, the Oregon Candy Farm handcrafts scrumptious CBD rich confections that melt in your mouth and warm your heart.

Since the cows have come home the Oregon Candy Farm has been making candies - starting in the 1970’s here in the magical Pacific Northwest.