We're dedicated to partnering with the best makers in Oregon. We team up with companies that share our focus on quality, efficacy, craft and sustainability.


Luminous Botanicals creates the renowned Universal Cannabis Tonic, a full-spectrum elixir relied upon by many. Our CBD-rich cultivars inform the Earth and Meadow blends, which can be used orally, topically or sensually.

Products featuring East Fork: Tinctures


Periodic Edibles makes a line of rich, well-formulated caramels. Periodic infuses butter (and coconut oil for a vegan option) with a precise blend of East Fork house cultivars, creating luxurious treats that are 100% solvent-free.

Products featuring East Fork: Caramels


Peak Extracts concocts single-strain chocolate bars and vaporizer cartridges. Each formulation is rigorously tested for effects by the in-house quality control team to ensure a consistent, potent experience.

Products featuring East Fork: Chocolate, vaporizer cartridges


We've teamed up with Astronoma to produce a line of single-origin, full-spectrum cannabis oil. Available in three CBD:THC ratios, all cannabis used for the line comes solely from East Fork.

Products featuring East Fork: Full-spectrum cannabis oil


Quill is a sleek, all-in-one oil vaporizer. We team up on a CBD-rich option that's easy to use for discreet micro-dosing when you need a little energy boost.

Products featuring East Fork: Vaporizer cartridges


Empower BodyCare crafts a full line of cannabis-infused products designed to be used topically, in the bath, and even in the bedroom. Empower offers a simple instruction with all that they make: "Put it where it hurts."

Products featuring East Fork: Lotion, bath salts, topical oils

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O.penVAPE's meticulous, small-batch extraction process using supercritical CO2 results in some of the tastiest vaporizer cartridges available. Look for limited, strain-specific releases.

Products featuring East Fork: Vaporizer cartridges


Toro Ma crafts a line of potent chocolate bars. Toro's products have long been lauded for their nuanced, reliable effects and commitment to quality ingredients.

Products featuring East Fork: Chocolates


Toko is a line of vaporizer cartridges crafted by the seasoned lab team at Sweet Cannabis. Toko excels with top-shelf technology and consistently pleasing oils free of hydrocarbons or other solvents.

Products featuring East Fork: Vaporizer cartridges

Muru East Fork photo.jpg

Müru makes a line of tasty, versatile "cannamixer" syrups designed to stoke inspiration of the mixologist in all of us. Syrups feature full-spectrum oil and come in multiple flavors and CBD:THC ratios.

Products featuring East Fork: CBD-dominant and 1-to-1 cannamixer syrups


Oregon Candy Farm creates a full line of fresh-baked treats, including their ever-popular ginger chews. Keep an eye out for CBD-rich releases, along with a raw, full-spectrum CBD oil produced by OCF's talented chemistry team.

Products featuring East Fork: Full-spectrum oil


Pax makes a diverse line of vaporizer "pods", compatible with its smartphone-enabled battery system. Pods often feature rare varieties of full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Products featuring East Fork: Vaporizer "pods"


Permaculture Solutions uses a solventless process to craft high-quality rosin, a concentrate produced solely with heat and pressure.

Products featuring East Fork: Rosin


Cascadia Herbals makes tasty tinctures that highlight the unique flavors, aromas and effects of single strains of cannabis. Look for small collaborative releases using our most terpene-rich and chemically distinct varieties.

Products featuring East Fork: Tinctures


Laurie + MaryJane is the namesake kitchen of prolific cannabis chefs and authors Laurie and Mary Wolf. In addition to a full line of infused edibles, L+MJ makes a delicious trail bar to enhance your active lifestyle.

Products featuring East Fork: CBD Fruity Nut Bar


Echo Electuary combines honey harvested from their in-house apiaries with cannabis harvested from Oregon's most sustainable farms, resulting in infused sweets that are hard to match.

Products featuring East Fork: Honey, dabbables (coming soon!)


Nu produces a line of tinctures, gel caps and full-spectrum oils. Available in various CBD:THC ratios, Nu's products are precisely formulated for consistency and clarity by the talented Sweet Cannabis lab team.

Products featuring East Fork: Tinctures, gel caps, full-spectrum oil


Grön Chocolates produces a full line of high-end chocolate treats at its Portland confectionery paradise. Look for CBD-dominant and 1:1 options available all across Oregon.

Products featuring East Fork: Chocolates


Danodan uses a slow, solventless concentration method that captures the full spectrum of cannabis in its lineup of caramels and glycerine tinctures.

Productions featuring East Fork: Tinctures, caramels


CBD Apothecary expertly crafts strain-specific, true-to-the-plant products focused on health and wellness.

Products featuring East Fork: Oil capsules, tinctures, refined cannabis oil (RCO)


Mirth Provisions crafts a popular line of sparkling infused beverages, available in different CBD:THC ratios and delicious flavors, including Lemon Ginger and Rainier Cherry.

Products featuring East Fork: Cranberry 1:1 beverage


Critical Source crafts the incredibly tasty Kalapooya Fire line of vaporizer cartridges. Through their meticulous processing, Critical Source's lab team consistently nails subtle terroir notes often not seen in CO2 oil.

Products featuring East Fork: Vaporizer cartridges (coming soon!)